Don't Pucker Up: Anal Sex

The idea had always enticed me, but the night I lost my anal virginity was pretty unexpected. Growing up, when I was honing my hyper-sexuality and would have conversations with friends, I always said I was saving myself (butt-hole) for marriage. But after seeing multiple marital relationships collapse around me I grew to eventually shun the idea of marriage (see previous post). Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I would’ve waited anyway...

Back to my butt. Brent* was the perfect person to take me anally for the first time. He was tall, yellow, handsome and musically inclined, like myself. I was turned on by his being smarter, older and having more confidence. We were approximately one month into our brief courtship when I let him in my back door. He made all our excursions seem deep, personal and special. I thought we had a promising future. I had no qualms. 

We were in my bed having vaginal sex after a night of booze, drugs and music-making when he said “I wanna come in your butt.” Days earlier I had (half kidding, half utterly serious) taunted him about wanting to have anal intercourse because I liked him so much and was ready to take our relationship to the “next level.” However I was still surprised when the repercussions of my words were thrust in my face...and asshole. I didn't foresee it happening so soon. I had to step up to the plate. 

Before Brent I’d only ever had fingers and the tip of a penis in my ass. I thought the best approach would be to lie on my back and lift my legs to receive him. The pain was unbearable. “Baby, take it out for a second,” I groaned. Brent pulled out and told me I sounded “so fucking sexy.” 

“You shouldn’t’ve been talking all that shit,” he said. We lay kissing for a minute before I turned around and got on my knees. Doggy style. This time he pushed himself in slowly and I took it like a champ although it was only slightly less painful than the first attempt. We didn’t use lube--just spit and love. 

When we finally got going I enjoyed it. It wasn’t wild and rough the way some imagine it to be. It was slow, sensual, passion-filled and intimate. He stimulated my clitoris with his fingers and kissed my neck while moving in and out from behind me. All I could do was moan and eventually...come. 

I’m glad I talked all that shit.


* indicates name has been changed

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