Why Getting My Heart Broken Is Sweeter Each Time

At a tender twenty-three years old I can already see how, when it comes to heartbreak, I’m more emotionally equipped every time. When I was younger a romantic disappointment called for days, maybe weeks of sulking. It wasn’t enough to have a sweet affair go awry; I had to wallow in it. I had to feel it deep down in my gut. That meant declining invitations to go out with my friends to potentially smile and laugh. Oh, and writing lots and lots of sad poetry. I was committed to love songs, my sweats and my bed. It was mostly due to the belief that I would maybe never meet someone that special again. Boy, was I wrong.

“I’ve liked men less than you & been more distraught. I guess that means I've grown more than I thought."

“I’ve liked men less than you & been more distraught. I guess that means I've grown more than I thought."

Today I consider myself an expert in dealing with my post-relationship blues. I move forward faster by sticking to these rules religiously. Take heed.

1. I keep the self-pity to a minimum. 

Knowing this isn’t my last time feeling head over heels about someone is very comforting. I’ll have the feeling of butterflies in my stomach again before I know it. Like rapper Gucci Mane says: “[Boys] are like busses--miss one, next fifteen [another] one’s coming.”

2. I resolve not to stalk on social media.

Each time I read a tweet or look at his latest Instagram post I’m hindering my growth and separation from him. If he’s no longer part of my life, I don’t need to keep myself updated from an outside perspective--an angle I’m not used to. 

3I don’t take anything personal.

Though it may seem like the relationship didn’t work out because of my specific shortcomings that’s just not the case. The universe simply didn’t see it fit for our pairing to move forward any more. If it weren’t our relationship that dissolved it would have been another one in my or his life. 

It’s strange but the older I get, the more emotionally invested I become in these relationships...and the quicker I bounce back. That’s a sweet taste. 

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