Sex Through an Artist's Eyes

A few posts ago I shared some art with you all by an artist who goes by the tag
“Mediocre Monster.” With his Philadelphia art exhibit coming up September 27th I thought it’d be cool to ask him some questions about how sex and sexuality inspire his prints. Here’s what he had to say.

MBS: Where did the moniker “Mediocre Monster" come from?

MM: From my personality as a kid. I always thought I had potential but growing up in a low-income, traditional household kind of put all of that potential on hold. So I spent my entire educational career (until I dropped out of college) feeling like a flower that couldn't bloom until I decided to walk out of the flower pot with my dick out.

MBS: Did you have any hesitations about sharing your sexually explicit art?

MM: Not at all. Sex is a big aspect in my life. As weird as it sounds I don’t know what kind of person I’d be if I wasn’t absolutely obsessed with sex. Why are other people uncomfortable?

MBS: How are sex and art related in your opinion?

MM: Art is a visual expression that can’t be explained in any other way and sex is a physical expression that can’t be explained in any other way. They’re both methods of expression that can’t be properly duplicated in any other format.

MBS: What do you find sexy?

MM: Legs, how a woman’s hands feel, the face women make when they’re in deep thought, clothes that are easy to take off, shirts that show her nipples, sexual confidence, a woman who isn’t scared to be naked.

MBS: What do you want to accomplish with your art?

MM: I want to address all the elephants in the room. Every time I do art it's controversial, even if nobody likes me when I’m finished.

MBS: What do you think is the most attractive thing about you and your art?

MM: I think I portray confidence. I don’t mind telling a female I want to eat her from the back and then introducing myself. My art is honest. Even if visually it may not be something you want to see, it will always be something you need to see.

MBS: Share your best sex memory.

MM: I spent the entire week waiting for Saturday when I would finally see this girl I really fucked with. Her place was a giant fucking house in the suburbs. We went out back and I remember first noticing the fireplace, jacuzzi and the wilderness literally in her backyard. She taught me how to roll a blunt. Before we knew it we started kissing. She got on her knees, took a deep pull of the blunt and started sucking. We were outside fucking on the bench, table and jacuzzi for hours with nothing on our mind except the sex and the weed. I think my favorite part of that night was the fact that our main concern was having good sex, not thinking about what the sex means but thinking about how the sex feels.

MBS: Share your best dating advice.

MM: Fuck, I’m not too good at this shit but what I do think is that no matter what the situation may be, if you don’t feel comfortable with them then don’t even try it. If you can’t confide in them then you can’t grow with them. Point blank.

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