Pussy Power: Why We Shouldn't Shame Kim K.

Cover of 'Selfish,' Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, available in May

Cover of 'Selfish,' Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, available in May

I usually don't like to praise celebrities but a recent conversation I had with friends moved me to write an article defending the likes of Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian, as most know, is famous for being thrust into the media spotlight after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray-J leaked in 2007. Since then she's counted her second and third marriages, posed for controversial nude photoshoots and cultivated an empire. As a result she's been met with adversity, disrespect and millions in revenue.

The woman is constantly called a gold digger and a whore. What struck me in the discussion with my homies was when my friend (a guy) came to Kim's defense saying, "I wouldn't want my daughter dating a broke loser." He elaborated, "You want your daughter to be with a guy who knows how to earn." I've always felt the public's bashing of Kim was wrong but I never thought about it in the way my friend put it that night while we were in my apartment casually talking about life. 

Think about the men Kim's dated--they've all been financially successful and she's been able to climb the ladder until meeting someone on her same level of success. She's been able to launch numerous products and accrue millions of dollars by working hard and running with a crowd of people who are always bettering themselves. Keeping in mind that "we are the company we keep," would we be more accepting of her if she were to date down (economically)? Probably not. 

I think it's cool that she's been able to gain respect in social, fashion and political circles despite her sex and dating life being made public. She took a hardship and capitalized on it, making her life more luxurious than ever. When it comes to love and life Mrs. West is doing something right. Instead of being judgmental and jealous we should be in her corner. I know I am. 

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