The Humble Dumpee

Ending a relationship is not easy--whether you're the dumper or the dumpee--but the person who cares less is usually the one with power. If you're the person who cares more it's easy to get in your feelings, and say and do things out of desperation. Buying gifts to woo your ex back, over-divulging your undying love, and generally contacting your former flame are all gestures that will land you on the 'crazy ex' list. It's an emotionally charged time but you'll fare better by staying calm and collected. I've compiled a list of Dont's to keep you from looking brash.

1. Don't tell your ex that he/she's "making the biggest mistake"

This person already isn't feeling you. Adding arrogance won't help.

2. Don't waste time and money buying "make-up" gifts

You're psyching yourself up just to be let down. It's like ripping the bandaid off all over again. 

3. Don't call to vent, trying to pull your ex-lover back in

Having a boyfriend/girlfriend means having a built-in support system, but when it's over you can't hold on to the perks. I know it sucks. 

4. Don't question the ex about his/her social media activity

Everyone creeps, but you don't have to prove it.

5. Don't keep in touch with your ex's friends

Following your ex's BFFs around a party? Weird.

6. Don't keep asking the dumper "why?" 

Have one open conversation about where the relationship went wrong and leave it at that.

7. Don't air your dirty laundry

Headed for your Twitter feed? Found the perfect meme? Think twice.

8. Don't use your past generosities as leverage to get back together

"I spent time and money on you. You owe it to me to give us another try." Nope.

9. Don't plot ways to "accidentally" bump into each other

You really had no idea she was going to her favorite bar for drinks before that Bryson Tiller show? Come on. 

10. Don't say "We can still be friends."

Give it some time first. 

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