Why I'm Ok With Being A Bad Bitch

sentence screenshot via Instagram

sentence screenshot via Instagram

I came across the sentence pictured above on Instagram a few weeks back. It wasn't the first time I'd seen a sentiment of the sort. Somewhere along the road "bad bitch" has become negatively connoted. I'm here to change that. I reject the notion that the phrase "bad bitch" is an unfavorable thing to be called.

Let's start with the first part of the compound. To call something or someone "bad" doesn't always imply its traditional meaning. For many years people have used the adjective to compliment people or to describe the coolness of someone/thing. Just look at Michael Jackson's 1987 hit song "Bad." It was a moment in pop culture that created a fresh definition of the word. In his autobiography Moonwalk MJ explained, "...when you're strong and good, then you're bad." 

Now onto the second part. I've always used the word "bitch" lightly. I'm not offended by it, especially when it's preceded with bad. The bottom line is every thing spoken has a context. Like many terms, "bitch" needs to be interpreted situationally. So if my roommate and I are arguing and she calls me a bitch, I understand she's not giving me a compliment. But if I'm walking around the bar at work and a patron tells me my stage performance was great and he thinks I'm a bad bitch, I understand he's praising me. In a more neutral instance I can tell someone about a wild adventure I had and I may get a, "Bitch, you're crazy!" in response. 

I once dated a guy who thought he was being sweet by tagging me in a post similar to the one pasted above. Reading it turned me off although his intentions were pure. To me being a bad bitch means working toward something, being confident in who you are, and of course looking good while doing it.

The great thing about language is that it changes with the times. Words, terms, phrases, and slang are all subject to evolution. Now that we've established the phrase doesn't have to be taken negatively, we can go ahead and dismiss the claim that a "queen" can't simultaneously be a "bad bitch." Anyone who's witnessed the beloved soulstress Erykah Badu live (Roots Picnic 2015, anyone?!) can't deny that she embodies both. 

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