No Dick Diet

The best dick is no dick.

I'm joking. The best dick is the dick of the man who loves me. Romantically. Unconditionally. I should know. I've had all kinds of dick over the years. (Am I saying "dick" too much? Dick, dick, dick!) I used to think I was liberating myself by having casual sex regularly (I blame over-sexualized Christina Aguilera lyrics, but that's for another post). Now I know better. Until I find a promising relationship with the right guy, I'm resisting sex.

The worst kind of sex leaves me feeling empty and wondering, What was the point of that? If anythingI'd rather have a one night stand than continuously have meaningless sex with the same person. At least that way I can enjoy the idea of him for a moment in time instead of growing to simultaneously love and hate our stagnant relationship. That's all friends with benefits arrangements are to me: a dead end. It might be "good sex" in the moment but what comes after the sex is what makes it bad. I'm talking about the lack of commitment and accountability, inconsistency, minimal affection before and after the deed is done. All of that isn't worth a maybe-orgasm to me. 

When I have sex with someone who's not emotionally invested in me I'm risking feeling unsatisfied sexually and internally. A guy who doesn't care about my feelings probably isn't going to put forth one hundred percent effort to make me come. I don't believe sex is ever truly bad when me and a person genuinely care about each other. It's more passionate. We're more connected. And I know he's going to hit me up later and ask how my day is going.

So I'm shedding dead weight. I've cut the pointless dicks out my life and instead I'm focusing on the friendships and social bonds that make me happy. No more bingeing on unhealthy sexual relationships. I'll happily pass on the one-minute-men fad diets for a slimming no-dick diet, however long it has to last. 


Starting Over