My godmother and me getting familiar in 1991.

My godmother and me getting familiar in 1991.

I grew up with the best example of what it means to have a godparent. I don't remember a time when my godmother and godfather weren't in my life. Having them around throughout the years has been a blessing I'll always hold close to my heart. When one of my best friends asked me to be the godmother to her daughter I was ecstatic. I feel super competent because unlike a lot of people, I had the bar set high by the godparents my mother and father chose for me.

My godparents, Kim and Doug, are not romantically linked. Kim is actually my great-cousin and Doug is my great-uncle. They're both on my mom's side of the family. With my uncle/godfather living in Boston and my cousin/godmother living in Washington state and now Texas, I got to travel a lot while growing up. The first flight I ever took was booked by my godfather--he flew me up to Massachusetts to visit him. I credit my godmother for my love of New York City--she took me to see my first Broadway show.

My godparents are strong, intelligent, eclectic, creative people. My godmother has a doctorate degree and teaches music at Trinity University in San Antonio. I was fortunate enough to have her as my own personal teacher when she taught me violin as a child. My godfather just ended a stint as National Director of HIV/AIDS Policy in Washington, D.C. Last year I watched him humbly receive an honorary doctorate degree in social work from Fordham University. He's committed to social justice, spreading awareness and fighting for equality. Because of him I was able to meet the first black president of the United States. I love that my parents chose independent, adventurous, open-minded people to help guide me through life. They've never judged me for the decisions I've made and have been a couple of my biggest supporters.

Over the years my godparents have been generous with their time, money, and love. They've paid for trips, birthday parties, and decadent dinners. Their generosity even extended to helping my parents finance my college education! On February 6, 2016 my god baby Monroe Simone was born. She is a symbol of purity and a ray of light. It's my hope that I can be half as great to my goddaughter Monroe as my godparents have been to me. 

I'm not perfect and probably not the greatest role model at times. I'm nowhere near ready to be a parent to my own child but I feel confident in my role as a godmother. I'm grateful that her parents chose me. I want to give Monroe everything my godparents have given me and more. I'll always encourage her passions and be there to gently steer her in the right direction when needed. More than anything else, I'm going to shower her with unconditional love. 

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