When I Knew it Was Over

We've all been there. That fateful moment when things take a turn. The instant in a relationship or fling when you just know you can't go on seeing a person. They're often awkward, sometimes heartbreaking, but always pivotal moments of certainty. I've gathered my most memorable points of clarity and listed them below.

1. He said, "Not to sound racist, but I didn't know black people could tan."

2. When his dog took my spot in bed, he didn't object 

3. When I facetiously said I'd come have sex then leave, he seriously responded, "You sure know how to make a man happy!"

4. He didn't send a text wishing me a safe trip before my flight

5. When I asked why he was giggling during sex he said, "You just seem like you're really enjoying yourself."

6. Guy asked me to shower with him, then complained about my wet hair in bed

Do yourselves a favor and get out of a bad situation the second you realize it's not what you want. The longer you stay, the more difficult it is to get out later. We all deserve someone who understands, respects, and reciprocates. 

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