The O-Factor

I think we all have an "o-face", the face we make when we're orgasming. Some cry, some drop their jaw, some people's eyes roll to the back of their head. For me it's the same face I make when I'm listening to a really good song. I scrunch my face in pleasure and disbelief. How can this feel so good? Or, how could a person have come up with this perfect melody? I have an expressive face to begin with but when my guard's down and I'm enjoying myself there's no holding back.

Sometimes I wish I could tone down the stories my face tells though. My man occasionally lets me know I look like someone murdered my first child when I fuck. His words. It's made me a bit self-conscious. Sometimes I try to relax my face so I don't freak him out. But it seems the scowl always creeps up anyway. I guess you could say Resting Bitch Face has followed me into the bedroom.

On the other hand, I wouldn't want to have one of those dull, non-descriptive faces. I don't like having sex with a person and having to ask if he climaxed because there was no change in his expression from beginning to end. It makes me feel like I just bumped uglies with a robot or something. I'm serious about my sex. It's not a time to joke and be light-hearted; we are on a mission (relax, I'm half-kidding).

I'll never look as subdued as Kim West in the 'Bound' video and that's okay. My o-face is part of what makes me unique and although it may be confusing to my lovers, let this post be my proclamation: if I'm frowning, you're doing it right. 


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